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About Zyde-Gator


Zyde-Gator is a 5-piece Cajun-Zydeco band based in Lexington, Kentucky, but don't let the location fool you - when you listen to Zyde-Gator, you'll swear you're down on the bayou. The band includes electric guitar, bass, drums and keyboards but it's the accordion that gives everything these guys play that Cajun feel, whether the music is rock n' roll, R&B, soul, country, pop or straight-up Zydeco.

The members are Jeff Yurkowski - accordion and vocals, Colin Watkins - keyboards and vocals, Lindsay Olive - guitar, Steve Parrish – drums and Jim Olive - bass guitar and vocals. They have all been playing for years in a variety of musical styles, from country to classical to jazz but they became Zyde-Gator for the love for Zydeco music.

Zydeco music comes from southwest Louisiana. It is traditional Cajun folk music with a strong rhythm and blues influence. The name comes from the Creole pronunciation of the French word for snap beans, haricôts and the phrase “Les Haricôts ne sont pas salé!” As the late Zydeco great Rockin’ Dopsie said, “It’s a little jazz, a little blues, a little French and a little R&B all mixed together.” This is dance party music, pure and simple. We hope you take the time to party with Zyde-Gator.

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