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Laura Freire
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About Laura Freire


Close your eyes and imagine having a dinner party and inviting the Jed Clampett kin, the Archie Bunker family, and the Ray Barone clan…

Got it in your mind?

That’s the life of Laura Freire…on a daily basis After being raised by parents from Eastern Kentucky and East Tennessee, marrying a guy from New York City, giving birth to three humongous children, teaching in a middle school, going to church in Baptist, Methodist, Nazarene, and Christian churches, needing a household pet, and having ADHD…what’s there NOT to find funny about Laura’s life.

A natural-born storyteller, complemented by years of brainwashing by cassettes of Carl Hurley, Bill Cosby, and Sinbad, Laura’s description of everyday events becomes a comedy story everyone can relate to. Her uncanny ability to adapt to the dialect of whoever she is listening to, adds to the humor and mayhem. Whether it is in front of a classroom, in front of a congregation, or in front of a judge, she finds a stage wherever she goes.
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