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The Three Waiters
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About The Three Waiters



Sophisticated, spontaneous, and very entertaining, The Three Waiters involves three performers infiltrating as 'real' waiters from the commencement of the event before unleashing a dynamic performance a la The Three Tenors. The Three Waiters is an award winning, intricately designed and scripted show, boasting nearly 14,000 performances throughout 90 countries.

How The Show Works

By the time the guest arrive, the three performers are already prepared. Waring the venue uniform and looking exactly like all the other waiting staff, they will greet your guest on arrival, perhaps offering them a pre-dinner drink if appropriate. At no time will your guests know that these are actors, not waiters. This is the core of the 'hoax'.

Alfredo is the Banquet Manager. He is of Italian decent, well mannered, experienced and a very meticulous service professional and dressed impeccably in his own black 'Armani' suit. There also happens to be an average waiter, Jean-Marc, of French descent. He is dressed exactly like the other staff and is a very charming and understated character. The third 'American' waiter is also dressed exactly like the other wait staff from the venue.

During First Course

There are two short 'house keeping' announcements (about one minute duration) made by the Banquet Manager leading up to the commencement of the actual show. This, along with the hoaxing as waiters all evening, sets the stage for the show.
Announcement #1 - During the first course (or there abouts).
Announcement #2 - Just before or as the main course is laid.

The Show Commences!

Once the main course has been served and drinks been topped up, the 'French' performer makes his way to the stage and proceeds to sing. Alfredo, the Banquet Manager is subsequently not very happy with his employee.

The plot thickens as both 'banquet manager' and 'waiter' challenge each other's vocal abilities.

As the audience becomes involved as they agree to sing something together, an unannounced surprise bursts onto the scene He's American. The show evolves into a dynamic vocal trio and together, through a variety of popular classics and humorous banter the show culminates in a dynamic performance a la The Three Tenors. Only at the finale are their true identities revealed.

Please note that much of the show is performed amongst the audience, For the safety of your guest and the venue staff, it is important that all waiter services ceases during the performance. The duration of teh show is around 25-30 minutes.

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